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  • Do you offer Shell Access?

    We offer SSH/Shell Access with corporate package and VPS.

  • Can I get root access?

    No, root access is not available on any of our shared hosting plans. If you require root access with your hosting, we would recommend you purchase a VPS/Dedicated Server.

  • How secure are your servers?

    Extremely. We have taken all the extra security measures to keep our web hosting incredibly secure, reliable and always online.

  • Can I subdivide my space and resell it?

    Our multi-domain plans use one control panel login, and so while they are perfect for hosting a number of your own sites, they are not suited for reselling and we don’t permit them to be used in this way. If you are looking to resell hosting or provide hosting to others, our reseller packages are more suitable, and provide a much more robust solution for providing space to 3rd parties.

  • What is cPanel?

    cPanel is server-management software that provides an interface to create, edit, backup and even move your website in your browser. It also enables you to create FTP users and email accounts, optimize your website for search engines, install software and track your Web hosting resource usage.

  • What is monthly bandwidth transfer?

    Monthly bandwidth transfer is the amount of data incoming and outgoing that a server will allow your site to deliver each month. It is generally measured in gigabytes and is a total of all services used such as POP3, SMTP, FTP and web hosting combined.

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