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LaraClassified v3.2 Release

August 10, 2017 | LaraClassified | No Comments

One of the most innovative Classified Script developed with Lavarel framework that is taking the market like their is no competition.

The long awaited version came out Tuesday, August 8th 2017 with with a lot of new features and a more user friendly admin area. The front end design remains the same but the features have certainly got most users excited and more people buying.

Since the custom field option was added, admins can now easily customize their website for any specific niche without having extensive coding knowledge.

The script is a lot easier to installed since they removed lots of the system checks that made no sense, compile a better installer script that works and with a dozen click you can have it up and running. Overall, this is a great script but the support is a hit and miss. The product page clearly states that the developer no longer offer support even though they may reply to your comments.

To be honest, its coming a far way with over 500 sold at the time of this article and 5 stars review. Its worth every dollar but just keep in mind that you might end up have to solve some of your issues.

If your planning to buy LaraClassified Script, then you should go for it and also take advantage of out free LaraClassified Hosting Trial with free installation, free SSL and 24hrs support.

For more detail, please see the product page and dont forget to checkout the changelog.

UPDATE: August 12 2017

Since the release their has been another release to address more bugs.

  1. Not able to login to admin area
  2. MYSQL Errors when installing

Version 3.3 has been released to address the above issues and most clients are very concerned that this will just continue from one release to another.

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